What I’ve been loving on Netflix!

So just to start off you might have watched these before or you might not. This is just for anyone who has nothing to watch at the moment. Okay so these are the favourite shows I am/have been addicted to.


1. Pretty Little Liars

Image result for pretty little liars

So this is a popular one about a group of 5 high school girls who are stalked by an unknown person called ‘A’. When one of them goes missing they start getting mysterious texts. Then the secrets start to spill…

2. Girlboss

Image result for girlboss

This only came out recently but is now one of my favourite shows on Netflix. It’s a hilarious but relatable story about the founder of the clothing brand ‘nasty gal’. This is on that will really make you laugh but it has very real situations.

3. Teen wolf

Image result for teen wolf

A bunch of high school kids start getting into supernatural mysteries when one of them becomes a werewolf. If your into mysteries and drama you’ll love this one!

4. The vampire diaries

Image result for the vampire diaries

Ok, so this show has officially ended so all of them are out. Great for binge watching! It’s basically based around two vampire brothers who re fighting over one girl…

5. Riverdale

Image result for riverdale

A small, quiet town which has many secrets. After Jason blossom dies there are many more truths to be uncovered. If you like shows based around high schoolers then you’ll love this one!

6. 13 Reasons why

Image result for 13 reasons why

Ok so this comes with a trigger warning, if your depressed or are suffering with any mental health issue you should talk to someone or call a help line. This is based on the book about a girl, Hannah Baker, who killed herself and recorded 13 tapes for each person explaining why she killed herself.

7. Gilmore girls

Image result for gilmore girls

This program makes me so happy and it leaves me wanting to be the main character, Rory Gilmore. This follows the lives of Mom and daughter who are best friends. They live in a little town called Stars hollow (which seems to have the friendliest people). I watch this with my mum and its our little show we watch together now.

8. Stranger things

Image result for stranger things

If you don’t really like dark, scary shows this one maybe isn’t for you. I love love love this and am so exited for season 2! when of the boys of a group of friends goes missing the time is ticking to find out everything that has happened. If you haven’t already, go watch this now!

9. Orange is the new black

Image result for orange is the new black

All about life in prison when the main character, Piper Chapman, is sent in. This is a super funny on and will make you fall in love with some inmates and hate others.

10. You me her

Image result for you me her

When a couple’s marriage is going down hill they call the help of an escort, Izzy, to try to save it. However when feelings are being thrown around how will it all end?




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